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Trakti provides you and your team a secure framework to manage your deals online. It gathers all your deals in one place, automate the negotiation process, simplify the negotiation with your counterparts and gives you professional tools to improve your efficiency and effectiveness in deal making.

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Trakti manages tenders, auctions and business transactions, safely in the cloud. We support you from the beginning to the end of a deal through step-by-step automations.

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Be focused on the core of your deals and you’ll be an top tier deal-maker!!

Trakti will allow you to use your skills at their full potential concentrating on the value-added elements of your activity, nurturing your connections while saving precious time.

If you are not an expert negotiator

Start negotiating like a Pro!!

Trakti will help you to master any kind of deal whether you’re selling your expertise, a stake in your start-up or buying a service or a custom made product.

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Concentrate on the “value-stream” of the deal and not on the “back-office” and time consuming issues!!

“Trakti is a valuable tool to engage in trading allowing you to keep track of all your contacts and the steps that lead to the achievement of an agreement.

The process can be bilateral or multilateral. The platform also provides many business processes and many tools interchange of information and documents. Trakti is social”

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Our Mission

We designed Trakti to help you create, run and manage business transactions smoothly and get the best deals out of it.

We believe we need to help you connecting and conTrakting with client and partners, reducing your administrative overhead while negotiating and let you focus on the important part of the deal.

We know that it takes more than a software to help you become more successful, and it's our passion to help you get there.